Religious Education

The goals of Religious Education are to foster an awareness of, an understanding of, a response to and a celebration of the life of:

• God our Creator
• Jesus
• the Holy Spirit
• the Church
• the World

Religious Education in this school draws its curriculum from the texts Coming To Know, Worship and Love as published by the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.

At Holy Saviour School we aim to:

• develop in each child a sound understanding of the Catholic faith;
• nurture a desire to learn and grow in understanding and love of the faith and develop a personal relationship with Jesus;
• support the family in bringing the child to an awareness of Christian values;
• create experiences that lead to an awareness of the missionary activity of the Church and to encourage an active response.
• raise awareness of global and local social justice issues and activities and work alongside the Parish in becoming actively involved.


The children are prepared to receive their Sacraments through a home based program which is supported by the school and led by the Parish. Children receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (usually Grade 3), followed by the Sacraments of Eucharist (usually Grade 4) and Confirmation in later years. For details regarding the Sacraments please go to the Holy Saviour Parish website and / or call the Parish office on 9803 3554.  

To access the Melbourne Achdiocese publication of CATHOLIC EDUCATION TODAY, please click here