In 2017, after completion of the Maths Olympiads program, Holy Saviour Parish School celebrated:
5 students in the TOP 10% of Australia and New Zealand
1 student in the top 2% of Australia and New Zealand

The Numeracy Curriculum at Holy Saviour School focuses students on how to work like a mathematician. Developing a strong understanding of patterns in number as well as growing in familiarity with our base 10 number system are of vital importance to this.

Our research has led us to understand that if children are actually putting themselves into the shoes of a mathematician, they are able to apply the skills required to problem solve, collect and organise information, apply strategies and check their answers and their learning. Thus, whilst there is still value in students practising times tables and applying formulas to solving equations, students need to go much further in deepening their skills and thinking in Maths.

One of the resources used by Holy Saviour School to enhance this learning is Maths 300. This resource provides a great range and variety of problem solving tasks that cater for the wide and varying needs within a Mathematics classroom and helps to engage students in practicing skills in a fun and interactive way.

Extension learning and Gifted Education in Mathematics

At Holy Saviour School we conduct the Maths Olympiads strategy which is a problem solving program held weekly for students in Years 3 to 6. It aims to further enhance the Maths learning that occurs daily in the classroom through learning about and applying a range of problem solving strategies at a higher level of understanding. Some of the aims of the program are as follows:

Encouraging and fostering:

  • a greater interest in and awareness of the power of mathematics;
  • a desire to succeed in solving interesting mathematical problems; and
  • the discovery of the joy of solving problems in mathematics.

Identifying talented young Australians, recognising their achievements nationally and providing support that will enable them to reach their own levels of excellence.

Providing teachers with:

  • interesting and accessible problems and solutions as well as detailed and motivating teaching discussion and extension materials; and
  • comprehensive Australia-wide statistics of students' achievements in the Challenge.

Students from Prep to Year 2 at Holy Saviour also participate in extension Maths activities which are designed to extend their thinking and encourage problem solving at a higher level.

Click here for the Victorian Curriculum standards in Mathematics