At Holy Saviour School we recognise the importance of immersing children in language experience in order to allow students to convey and discover information, work through ideas and express feelings.

The Literacy program is based on the Victorian Curriculum and a range of researched strategies are implemented across the Literacy program in order to give variety to the program and meet the varying needs of children in all year levels.

Within our two-hour literacy block each day, Reading, Writing, Spelling and Oral Language are taught and practised. Often these skills are integrated into other areas of the curriculum, such as Science or Geography, in order that students learn the specific skills which are demanded in various settings. Weekly visits to our school library further enhance these skills as our focus centres on developing a passion for reading. Students are encouraged to borrow from a wide range of fiction and non-fiction resources and our staff provide support in text selection.

All the literacy skills feature in student homework so that they can practise with the support of parents and family members. Reading is a large component of homework from Prep through to Year 6.

Student beyond their level in Literacy are set advanced texts to read and advanced activities which assist with deeper inferencing levels. Spelling tasks are also set at the level of the individual child so that ALL children are able to progress from where they are at.

Reading Recovery and Levelled Literacy Intervention are both key strategies used within our whole approach to literacy. The target group for Reading Recovery is Year 1, with support continued into Year 2. All staff are trained in Levelled Literacy Intervention and the strategies and resources are used across all year levels.

Parental support is greatly encouraged in the classrooms with all learning areas.

Click here for the Victorian Curriculum standards in English