Inquiry Based Learning

This is a mode of learning which is widely used in contemporary learning settings and is used across all year levels at Holy Saviour school. This process of learning is a complex process and occurs when students “convert information and data into useful knowledge.” (Thirteen-Ed online)

Parents sometimes ask why is this style of learning different from the way I was taught. Why are students of today not taught facts to remember? The reality is that facts and information change over time. What is more important is an understanding of how to access and make sense of masses of information and data and how to extract what is the most important elements of the mass of information that is available to us. In the contemporary workplace we are readily and regularly asked to do exactly this, thus the importance for young people to commence this skill attainment from a young age. 

Students explore what they want to learn and how they will go about their learning. Students and teachers co-compose questions for their learning and use a variety of different levels of questions. Well-designed inquiry learning produces knowledge formation that can be widely applied.

The students share their learning during Learning Walks in which they see other students' work in the classrooms.