Digital Technologies
The Digital Technologies curriculum incorporates:
  • Design and Technology
  • Digital Technologies
Digital Technologies and Design are both incorporated into the program, recognising the importance of technological experiences, providing students with opportunities to gain skills necessary for their future.

The use of digital technology is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum areas with all students having equal access to digital devices.
Digital devices are situated in each classroom with our Year 5/6 students having their own Chromebook to access. All computers are networked with access to the internet. Weekly Digital Technology classes provide all students with the opportunity to use different equipment (iPads, laptops, Lego robotics, Ozobots, Beebots etc), to explore a range of programs and apps and to be creative while learning about the online world. 'Cyber Safety' is an important element explored by students from Foundation (Prep) to Grade 6. Annual professional learning incorporates the use of a variety of online tools for learning. Each class uses Seesaw to share student learning journals with parents and a class blog with the wider community.

Click here for the Victorian Curriculum standards in Technologies