Student Wellbeing
There are a variety of ways in which our community develops and enhances the wellbeing of our students. Whilst it is a factor in all that we do and all the decisions we make, there are some deliberate, well researched practices in place at our school that aim to support the wellbeing of our students.
A definition 

Student wellbeing is about children feeling connected to school – that they experience mostly positive feelings and attitudes, have good relationships with their peers and teachers, and they are keen to learn. Student wellbeing is linked to learning. 

A RestorativeApproach
Restorative practices assist young people to become aware of how their behaviours impact other people.At Holy Saviour we try to see instances of ‘wrong doing’ as opportunities for learning. We aim to work with children in circles to help restore and rebuild relationships after harm has occurred. Within this process we work on building empathy and understanding which are vital life skills which students can take with them beyond their formal years of schooling.

Circle Time Restorative Practice 
Every class at Holy Saviour School engages in the Circle Time practice on a regular basis. All teaching staff have been trained and receive mentoring in this strategy. During Circle Time, students are given opportunities to think reflectively and creatively and talk together about important social issues at school. They examine the issues and are given a voice in exploring and challenging them. This practice aims to assist students to grow in their understanding about others and themselves. 

Restorative Questions 
A prescribed list of questions used to help teachers guide students in the problem solving process. 
Click here for a list of restorative questions used at Holy Saviour School.

Bounce Back Resilience Program 
Used across Prep to Year 6 to assist students in how they can “bounce back” when things become difficult.
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We’re all in this TOGETHER! 
Holy Saviour School is all about relationships: between teachers, teachers and students, students with each other, and between home and school. Parents are offered information nights as well as one on one meetings with teachers to understand the processes and what can support their child. 
  • Teachers who feel their efforts are acknowledged are more willing to put themselves out. 
  • Students who experience a sense of belonging in their class are less likely to bully others. 
  • Families who feel respected by teachers give more positive messages to their children about school.
Murray, J (2004). ‘Making Sense of Resilience: A useful step on the road to creating and maintaining resilient students and school communities’, The Australian Guidance and Counselling Journal, 14 (1).

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