Prep Transition

At Holy Saviour our Prep Transition program begins in September / October. It is important that children in 4 year old kinder are able to focus on their learning at that level and later in the school year they have the chance to meet some of the children and teachers with whom they will be in Prep.

We STRONGLY encourage families to attend weekend masses (Saturdays 6pm amd Sundays 9am and 11am) to become familiar with families, Fr Julian and others in our community while their children are in kinder. We also hold many community events such as our annual Easter egg hunt, festivals and Parish picnics to which all community members are welcome.

During transition sessions later this year, incoming Preps will meet with their buddies in Year 5 (Year 6 next year) who will support them throughout their Prep journey. They will take part in a range of activities and meet other Preps who will be in their classes. The children also meet many of the teachers in the school, including their classroom teacher for their Prep year, who will visit them before school begins for a home visit.

During the transition sessions, parents are provided with information to aid them in understanding a little more about the transition process as well as how they can prepare their child for their Prep year. We also begin looking at the Literacy and Numeracy curricula for the Prep level and ways in which you can support your child.

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