By enrolling at Holy Saviour Parish School parents undertake to pay:


  • School Fees,
  • Composite Fees,
  • Maintenance Fee,
  • Information Technology Fee,
  • And are also requested to make a contribution to the School Building Fund (Thanksgiving).  


Your commitment:

Parents/Guardians of children attending Holy Saviour undertake to pay:

School Fees:


Charged per family payable in Terms 1, 2, 3 & 4 or as an annual fee per family.



Maintenance Fee:


Charged per family - can be redeemed through participating in working bees.



Information Technology Fee:

Charged per family - covers school iPads, laptops, computer lab equipment, printers, scanners, cameras etc.






Sub Total


Composite Fee:

Per child at a rate set for your child’s class level.


Please see separate form for individual year levels. Approx $230