CLICK HERE FOR ENROLMENT FORM (There is no payment required with this form)

Welcome to Holy Saviour Catholic Primary School. We hope that we can begin a strong partnership with you and your child focused on the development of your child. Please see below for details about the enrolment process. Please also feel free to call the school office about any further inquiries on 9803 6828.

Age: Children must turn 5 years of age before the 30th April in the year they are commencing school.

Enrolment Area: Our school has a specific enrolment area which encompasses the area of Vermont South. Any enrolments from outside this area will be considered on an individual basis.

Enrolment Procedure: An initial enrolment form may be obtained at the Open Day, through the school office or you can download it from this website (see below). Once enrolments close, the principal and parish priest will have an interview with each family. At this appointment the principal and parish priest will:

  1. Meet the parent/s
  2. Explain the current fee payment system
  3. Answer any queries
  4. Give insight into our school character
  5. Provide dates for prep transition programs

At the end of May a letter confirming your child’s enrolment will be sent to you.

Upon acceptance of the offer of a position and when lodging an Enrolment Application all new families will be required to pay a non-refundable enrolment fee of $100.00 per family for administrative purposes which will come off the term one fees. Families will also need to provide a copy of your child’s Birth, Baptism and Immunisation documents which will be retained by the school. Please note, no payment is required with the initial enrolment form. Details about Australian citizenship is also required if applicable.

We will also notify you of the following:

School Uniform: You will be given information about the school uniform and how to order it. Holy Saviour uniforms are supplied through Primary School Wear (PSW) in Mt Waverley. We recommend that you initially purchase the summer uniform requirements and purchase winter options as needed. Information about uniforms and a catalogue list can be found here.

Parents can contact the school regarding their thoughts and feedback about uniforms by emailing

Stationery: All information about Prep stationery items will be sent home to you via the school office. Stationery packs are ordered online by parents and are to be collected at the school.

Prep Transition Sessions: are held throughout October, November and December. Your child will attend these transition sessions to mix with fellow prospective prep children, to meet the school staff, to familiarise themselves with the physical layout of the school and to meet their grade 6 buddy for the forthcoming year. In the meantime, parents will enjoy a cup of tea/coffee or alternatively take part in information sessions which will support you and your child during this transition phase.

Early during your child's prep year, our literacy leader will hold a ‘parent helper’s course’. This aims to educate parents on how we present our literacy program whilst also providing parents with the skills to participate as parent helpers in our class literacy programs (9.00-11.00am daily).

Prep Information Night and Social Evening: This is usually held in March of the year your child commences school. Parent/s attend this night without children. It is intended that you will have the opportunity to meet other parents and talk with your child’s teacher. We will outline significant information, events and dates for the first year of school.